Let's transform your space

Hydaway can help you build a profitable business, powerful brand and lasting success for your short term rental. We offer a range of services, for new or existing hosts – all designed to help you get the most of your space.

How it Works



Get started with a self-led brand assessment and 1:1 brand consult, where we’ll learn more about your space, your customer and what sets you and your space apart. This will help inform what we should tackle – whether it’s your brand interiors, identity, photography, or all three.



Next we’ll put together a custom proposal that makes the most sense for your property’s needs and opportunities – including a brand vision, proposed scope. estimated budget and timeline for working together.  Before moving forward, we’ll get a contract in place.



Interior design can transform even an average space or less than ideal rental location into an inspiring, destination experience.  We’re here to meet the specific needs of your project, so this phase might include anything from concept design to space planning, furnishings selections and sourcing, trades management, installation, styling and everything in between.



Identity work will solidify your positioning and further define the visual elements of your brand so that you have all the tools you need to create a cohesive,  consistent impression across all  your consumer touchpoints. We’ll establish your name, logo, positioning and brand style guide.



 Professional photography will provide critical brand assets to inspire and evoke emotion in your customer, make a good impression fast, communicate your vibe and values,  connect with customers, help you standout and build credibility and trust.  We’ll plan, produce and direct a professional photoshoot for your listings as well as marketing needs.

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good design is good business

An intentional, cohesive and consistent brand will help your short term rental stand out from the competition, spark an emotional connection with your customer, establish trust and credibility, add memorable perceived value and over time, develop loyalty and love.  

This translates to a continuous cycle of attracting more eyes, clicks and potential guests, increasing demand and bookings, commanding higher nightly rates, and earning better reviews and ratings. Ready to build your brand?

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