Hydaway is on a mission to craft novel space for the aspiring host and modern tripper to get the most out of their journey.

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    We're style, brand and experience enthusiasts

    Our background is a blend of brand and marketing along with creative, styling and design – and we kinda just love short-term rentals. We’ve experienced firsthand just how much opportunity they hold – for homeowners and their property, for travelers and their experience. There’s so much untold space to invest in, and that’s what we want to share. We offer staging, styling, branding and marketing services to help owners build a profitable business and powerful brand with their short-term rental. In turn, with each project we add more destination stays to the map that meet the elevated needs and desires of the modern tripper. It’s a win, win.

The way we see it

The short-term rental marketplace is maturing and hosts need to step up their game to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. Meanwhile, the modern millennial guest audience is searching for less common, share-worthy experiences when they travel. This equation adds up to a huge opportunity for the short-term rental industry to recognize that in today’s connected world, brand and experience are foundational to success for every business. There’s a lot of great tools out there to help hosts professionalize their business operations but not much more. That’s where Hydaway comes in.
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    We believe design isn’t meant to just be seen, but felt and experienced. We’re all about lived-in warmth, texture and harmony. And we’re rooted in a strong belief that space should be intentional – always seeking a balance of beauty and function. Thoughtful, intentionally designed spaces have the power to guide and elevate your experience in them. When you style your space and style your life with the energy you want to feel and share with the world, the transformative results speak for themselves. Our goal with Hydaway is to be a resource sharing services, spaces and places that can offer a little magic, an experience or even just a dreamy moment, away from the everyday.

    About / Our Vibe
  • Erin Deeley

    Erin Deeley

    Founder & Creative Director

    I’d call myself a creative heart and soul. Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked as a designer, creative director, stylist and marketer, strategically developing lifestyle brands in the retail, apparel, fitness, wellness and design space. I’ve always loved bringing my brand and marketing skills out from behind the computer and into a physical space to build this magical bridge – an integrated brand experience that exists online and off.

    I wholeheartedly believe in the power of brand to transform any business. I also believe in the power of travel and time away to transform our lives. With Hydaway, I want to bring all that together – helping individual homeowners recognize and leverage the power of brand as they build their business, and helping more humans recognize and leverage the power of travel and time away as they lead their lives.

    My personal purpose is all about clearing space for truth, beauty and brilliance to come through. A few things I believe in – mindset and manifestation, slowing down to see the unseen, asking why not, watching for signs and connections, and leaning into change. A few things I can’t live without – open spaces, sunshine, adventures, black coffee, muted color palettes, organic shapes and textures, the perfectly imperfect and my pup, Gypsy. And for the extra curious, I’m a Pisces, INTJ and Enneagram 8.

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